About Mutatoes - Genetically Engineered Potatoes

Mutatotes group is a diverse collection of individuals from around the country. Many of them have spent the past ten years involved in various organisations and local groups successfully campaigning against GM in the UK. They have decided to come together at this time to pool their collective experience and knowledge to enable them to effectively oppose the new GM potato trials.

Following massive local and national resistance BASF have stated they will not be conducting the trial near Hull this year. This can be seen as a clear victory for all who opposed the trial. Consequently, the Cambridge site is now the only location in Britain where GM crops are contaminating the countryside... A protest picnic has been organized for the 1st of July. One down, one to go - let's keep Britain GM free!

Take Action
GM is a big issue and sometimes it can seem like it's hard for individuals to make a difference. But take heart, for the last three years the British countryside has been free of GM crops, and supermarkets and food manufacturers have not been selling products containing GM ingredients, why? Because people like you joined together and did something!

What you can do…
Come to the protest picnic in Cambridge on the 1st of July

Download flyers from the website and distribute them in your local area. If you can be a transport contact for your area let us know.

Spread the Word
Download leaflets and posters and distribute them in your local area, for example in health food stores, community centres, schools and colleges.

Set up a local group
Taking action is easier with other people. Organise regular meetings for concerned people in your area.
Write to your MP

Demand an end to trialing of GM crops in the UK. Tell them that both the Netherlands and Ireland have already stopped BASF planting the same potatoes in their countries this year, due to environmental safety concerns.